“MASDAR INV” provides high-quality service to its clients that has a long list of advantages to help them achieve the desired objectives of trading. Those advantages include:

  • Demo Accounts: Our demo accounts offer an opportunity for new traders to the world of foreign exchange market so they can test out the market and learn its basics without any risk, and includes demo accounts have all the available properties of live accounts, allowing you, whether you’re novice or expert, to experiment with your strategies prior to implementation in the real market.
  • Easy Platforms: Our Platforms allow you to easily take out all the orders you want, by providing direct access to the most important orders, as you can easily determine the levels of stop losses or take profits orders, and you can as simply determine the risk.
  • Spreads: We offer very low spreads to help our clients in reducing the level of concern about side details which improves their performance towards the most important decisions.
  • Experts Team: Our team consists of highly experienced personnel with specialized skills in the securities, shares and Forex markets. We have that team ready to help you at any time during the day to provide you with the best consulting and quick assistance.
  • Coverage: we guarantee you can always find answers to your questions or requests as our service is available 24/5. We also provide our services in three different languages and from anywhere in the world.
  • Fast Execution: We recognize that the speed of execution for order may represent the difference between profit and loss, and for this we have built our system to be automatic and provides it with high-speed transfer of orders at any time.
  • Diversity of Orders: Aside from the typical buy and sell orders that you can perform with one-click, we also offer stop-loss orders and take profits orders, plus risk levels orders and much more.
  • Leverage: Our Leverage allows you to trade with higher opportunities to make a profit, as our leverage can go up to 1:200.
  • Educational Articles: We built advanced knowledge base about trading methods so you can to find lessons which help you in understanding more about the Forex market, especially if you are still new to that market.
  • Technical analyses: Our numerous technical indicators supports your ability to make an informed decision about the current or anticipated changes in global markets.
  • Types of Accounts: We have several different types of accounts to comply with the requirements that you need in your investment, including accounts that comply with Islamic Sharia rules, as they do not include any form of benefits.