Q: My platform shows “Trade Context is busy” error.

A: Close the platform and re-open it, that should fix the problem.


Q: I can not put a stop loss order or take profit order on my positions.

A: You can not put your orders on pending position before they reach the entry point. So you can put those orders after your positions reach that point.


Q: Expert Advisors doesn’t open any positions.

A: Go to the Expert Advisors tab in your platform, if it is trying to open positions with no success, you’ll find a number for the error, please then contact us with that number so we can help you.


Q: I can not log in to my account.

A: Logging in to your account fails if the account name or password is are not correct, please make sure you type them correctly.


Q: I can not see swap rates.

A: Go to Market Watch area in your platform, right-click, and then choose Symbols, then choose Properties so you can see all the details, including swap rates.


Q: Why don’t I see all the currency pairs?

A: You can view all the currency pairs by right-clicking on Market Watch area in your platform, and then choose Show All.


Q: I want to change the time zone of the chart.

A: The time zone of the platform can not be changed, but there are indicators with local time zones available for download.