In “MASDAR INV” we offer you the option to convert any of our live trading accounts to a fully Islamic account, to enable our clients to take advantage of the liquidity available in Forex accounts along with the application of Islamic trading rules at the same time, in an Islamic Forex accounts’ environment that fit the needs of our clients.

We offer Islamic Forex accounts to all your clients who have faith in Islamic religious rules, in order to facilitate their online Forex trading with full compliance to the Islamic law, that’s why there is no interest on opened positions which are left overnight.

As a leading Forex brokerage firm, we always strive to respect the Islamic faith, which is why we made opening an Islamic Forex account as simple as it can be for our clients as you can simply select the Islamic Forex account option while you you’re opening a live account, so it will be created with respect to Islamic trading rules.


  • Free of interest and Ribha
  • Complies to Islamic law and Islamic principles of trade
  • Offers all the non-interest related features of our live account
  • Does not include any fees or swaps
  • No additional commissions on trades